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The blue Telecaster at the top of my page was built by none other than master custom guitar builder James Trussart. The neck pickup he used is a Victory Standard gold foil in polished nickel  finish.

Welcome to a place where guitars and pickups are viewed as unique sonic pieces of art. Each has their own voice and character. I do my very best to design things that have a vintage look while adding my own creative vision to create something new. I am always trying and experimenting with new guitars and pickups with a nod to the nostalgic!

My site will always be a work in progress. Lots of up to date photos/vids on Instagram under Victorypickupco. You can see all of my current offerings by clicking on my Reverb tab below.


Wade Costenbader

The  great Mike Dugan tearing it up on a Relic Strat  and Tele above.

Want to learn more than you ever thought you could about kool Japanese guitars? If you love guitars you need this book!!! History of Japanese Electric Guitars

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Bringing back sounds of the past