Victory Guitar & Pickup Co. was founded on a love of everything about guitars and music. Playing and building creative guitars for the past 30 years came first, making pickups came after seeing a need for affordable pickups that have a vintage look and sound.

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  1. How does the acoustic pickup attach? Don’t want scratches on my Martin. Please post a Youtube demo of the acoustic pickup — please include an installation demo with a sound demo. Thanks


    1. I put a traditions pickup in my expensive Larrivee acoustic. The wings on the pickup swivel and have foam on the underside of the top piece to protect the top of the guitar. It’s a clever design and keeps the pickup secure in place while keeping the guitar’s top safe from scratches or other damage. It’s a great bargain, and, best of all, it sounds really cool. It sounds very much like an acoustic through a clean amp, but it can also sound like you’re playing an electric guitar if you go through dirt and effects. Super fun pickup. I’m gonna buy another victory pickup and put it in a solidbody electric soon.


  2. Wade,

    In terms of having a pickguard cut to fit the gold foil pickups, are they the same size as a p-90 or different. If different, could you provide the dimensions. Thanks.


    Hi Danny,

    Check out my offerings on reverb.com. https://reverb.com/item/259424-lowrider-vintage-gold-foil-style-pickup
    I posted blueprints for each in the photo section. They are very close to a mini humbucker that you would find in a firebird guitar.
    Thanks for the question,



  3. Lawrence
    so I have a vintage late 50s early 60s Key accoustic…
    the sound hope is a bit smaller than modern guitars….. 3.5 inches…
    with plastic binding…which foil pickup would has serve this guitar with out messing it up…?


    1. Hi Lawrence,
      Both Acoustic models, the Toaster and Traditions models fit into a 3″-4″ hole. Both use padded tabs to attach to the guitar using friction. No glueing or screwing is needed.




  4. Hi Wade I just installed a low rider I bought from someone it’s amazing but is there a way of stopping the microphone clunk noise from it on the pickguard.i know how to wax pot but not sure about this one You time and help is appreciated. Regards Lee


    1. Hi Lee,

      The sound you can get from an unpotted pickup can be amazing! It can also have handling noise, especially in the bridge position. I usually recommend pickups in the bridge position to be potted.
      If you have experience potting, you can pot the entire pickup. I offer vacuum potting for a small nominal fee. Hope this helps.




  5. Hi I just bought a Victory “Diamondback” Lowrider Gold Foil Pickup from your site on reverb and was wondering what size potentiometers 250K or 500K should be used with this pick up? I am installing it on a Ibanez acoustic flattop F hole guitar. Thank you.


  6. Wades low rider gold foil pickups are Top notch and sound so vintage and in a resonator they are fantastic! Highly recommend 🙂


  7. hi, wade.
    i’m delighted to find your surface mount pickups!
    is there a way to get one with the mini VT controls attached to the pup?
    like the old dearmond types?
    thanks for any advice and thanks again for making them available.
    djimi wrey bigsby


    1. Hi djimi,
      Thanks for checking out our line of pickups. I, along with others, have added volume and control directly onto the surface of the guitar similar to a hollow body electric guitar. I don’t currently offer the Dearmond style setup-Dearmonds are awesome pickups!


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